Starter Recipe Variation

Sourdough starter

Sourdough starter

There are many variations of the traditional recipe of flour and water,  which were developed over thousands of years of bread making.   Often they were discovered when other products were substituted due to a shortage of the favourite one.

You can experiment and develop your own as all natural foods will ferment (do not use processed flours or ingredients with preservatives which will prevent and drasticlly slow down the fermentation process).

Different ingredients will give different flavours in bread,  some can also speed up the fermentation process.

I discovered many different foods used to make a starter,  let see which are the best:

The two ingredients are flour and water,  however you can vary them to achieve different ourcomes.

Substitute water with: 

unsweetened pineapple juice – it has the right amount of acidity to promote the early fermentation.

raising water – water from soaking raising or sultanas overnight.

Variation:  Add couple of spoons of yogurt on the first day to flour and water to introduce the good bacteria and start fermentation process quicker.

Grated Raw Potato Starter Recipe:

1 grated raw potato medium size (2 cups when grated)

1 1/4 cups of flour (rye is the best but you can use white wheat flour)

1 cup of warm water

Place all ingredients in a large glass jar or a ceramic or glass bowl, mix well. Leave standing in a warm place and feed every day the same as any other starter with 1 cup of flour and water.   The mixture will turn dark during the fermentation process but do not be concerned about it,  this is because the potatoes we used change colour during fermentation process.   To renew the starter,  add 1 cup of flour and water each time to take half of it to use for baking.

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